Treatment planning & patient management

Clear presentation of the findings resulting from a history and examination, including clinical and radiographic results, differential diagnoses, treatment options, prognoses, and sequenced treatment plan.

Clear discussion with the patient (or carer) of written care or treatment plan with options based on individual needs, with encouragement of questions as appropriate.

Individualised written care or treatment plan formulation for the patient according to individual circumstances.

Clear discussion with the patient (or carer) of responsibilities associated with the treatment plan including preventive education and time requirements for treatment.

Valid informed consent from the patient/parent/guardian for all stages of treatment, with explanation of all relevant options.

Management of situations where patient’s wishes and the recommendations of the dentist differ, and properly document the conversation and outcome.

Liaison with other professionals to obtain additional information and/or treatment as required.

Appropriate management following patient’s discharge from specialised care.