MFDS Part 1 remote exam guidance

MFDS Part 1 online written examination Surpass & ProctorExam systems preparation and exam day guidance


It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand, are familiar with and adhere to the instructions within.

Before you begin the exam process, please read the minimum system requirements very carefully to ensure that the software is compatible with the devices that you are using to sit the examination. Any issues must be identified prior to the examination day so that you may find an alternative device if necessary.

*IMPORTANT: It is imperative that all candidates read and adhere to the equipment and minimum system requirements. Failure to do so may result in fluctuations in internet connectivity which can affect the monitoring videos required for invigilation. Candidates should note that RCS England are unable to provide a result to any candidate who is not invigilated during their exam.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS are provided in Pages 1 & 2 of the Step-by-step guide to the Surpass System. The document can be located here:

Surpass Online Invigilation Candidate Quick Guide

Approximately one week before the examination day you will receive an email providing you with information relating to the online examination. It is ESSENTIAL that you have read the information in the email carefully. Full guidance to the online exam system will be provided via the links below:

Surpass Online Invigilation Candidate Quick Guide

Watch the remote assessment candidate instruction videos;

Online Invigilation Candidate Instructional Video

Candidate instructions Part 2 – online written exams – Surpass exam system functions

and read the guidance and regulations for remote invigilation.

Guidance for the remote delivery of Dental Exams

These documents are essential in order to familiarise yourself with the online platform through which the exam will be delivered. They explain how you can prepare for the online exam, help reduce any possible confusion on the exam day and explain what is, and is not, permitted during the exam.

We recommend that you read and watch the guidance in the links above multiple times in advance of the examination day to be as fully prepared as possible.

1. The email you receive approximately one week before the exam will request that you carry out a system check. Instructions will be provided how to do this. Please refer to Point 4 of the Surpass Online Invigilation Candidate Quick Guide for more information – Surpass Online Invigilation Candidate Quick Guide.

2. The System Check must be completed as soon as possible once you receive the System Check email.

1. A day or two prior to your examination date, you will receive another email providing you with a link to your examination.

2. Keep this email safe and please check your Junk Folder regularly if you do not receive this email in advance of the exam day.

3. On the Exam day you will be required to have two applications open during the exam:

• ProctorExam – which monitors you through your mobile phone and webcam

• Surpass exam system – where you will answer your examination questions

4. On the exam day your mobile phone will be used as a secondary device to record your examination room. Details of this can be found in Point 5 of the Surpass Online Invigilation Candidate Quick Guide for more information – Surpass Online Invigilation Candidate Quick Guide.

Only Apple or Android mobile phone devices can be used and you are required to install the ProctorExam app on to your phone in advance.

If you are experiencing an unstable internet connection which is disconnecting your phone or webcam, please try to:

• sit as close to the router as possible or, even better, use a wired connection

• make sure your mobile phone is plugged in and set to airplane mode.

5. The exam start time has been provided to you within your confirmation email that was sent approximately 4 weeks in advance of the exam date. It is the time you should begin the examination. However, please note:

a. you should aim to begin your registration process and camera set-up 15 minutes before the exam start time

b. however, you will not be able to access the exam paper before the specified exam start time

c. the assessment time will only begin once you have completed your registration and camera set-up. The set-up time is NOT part of your assessment time so you do not need to rush through the registration and camera-set-up process.

d. your assessment time will only begin once you have registered and set-up your camera and have pressed the blue ‘Start Exam’ button at the specified exam start time.

e. once you have pressed ‘Start Exam’ you will be reminded to keep the web page open at all times during the examination

f. you will then be brought to a page where you are provided with an 8 character keycode and ‘Launch Test’ link

g. you will then need to press ‘Launch Test’ to open the Surpass Exam System

h. enter the 8 character keycode to access the Exam and click ‘OK’.

i. you will then be asked to confirm your details are correct – click ‘Confirm’

j. then, accept the ‘RCS England Code of Conduct Terms’ and click ‘Continue’

k. you’ll then be required to read the Candidate Instructions/Introductory page.

l. your assessment time will only begin once Question 1 has appeared on your screen after pressing ‘Start the Test’

m. regardless of the start time specified in your confirmation email, if you have been through the registration and camera set-up process, and have pressed ‘Start the Test’, that is when your assessment time will begin, even if you are slightly later than the specified start time.

n. there is no official announcement that your examination will begin.

PLEASE NOTE – you should make every effort to begin at or around the specified start time. The exam is only active within Surpass Exam System for a limited amount of time. Any candidate who does not access the exam around the specified start time may no longer have access to the exam if they are late in starting the exam process.

6. Before you press the blue ‘Start the Test’ button please ensure you have:

a. been to the toilet

b. your exam room is well lit

c. you are alone and will not be disturbed

Please review the Candidate instructions Part 2 – online written exams – Surpass exam systems functions  

This video which explains how the Surpass exam platform works and how the mid-point break is administered.

1. Candidates are advised that the paper is divided into two papers to enable a ten-minute comfort break at the midpoint of the paper. Candidates should note that they will not be able to return to any questions in the first part of the paper after this break; all flagged questions in the first part of the paper should be completed before the midpoint break.

2. There are 75 questions in both papers

3. On the left-hand side of your screen you will see two vertical bars that increasingly turn blue as you progress through the exam papers. The top bar is Paper 1 and second bar Paper 2. This helps you visually gauge, at a glance, how you are progressing through the exam papers.

4. In addition, there is a timer at the top of the screen, which specifies the amount of time remaining to complete that exam paper.

5. The timer at the top of the screen will give you a reminder that there are 5 minutes remaining for both papers.

6. Once you have completed all questions in Paper 1, you can choose to ‘Finish Section’. If you have pressed ‘Finish Section’ by mistake you will have another TWO opportunities to confirm you wish to finish or continue with the exam paper.

7. If you reach the maximum amount of time permitted for each paper you will be REQUIRED to ‘Finish Section’.

8. Once you have finished the section you will:

a. NOT be able to return to any questions within that paper.

b. See a page stating the amount of ‘Scheduled break time you have remaining’. This time will countdown from 10 minutes

c. See a ‘Resume Test’ button. If you do not wish to use some or all of your 10 minute break time you can choose to ‘Resume Test’ by clicking the button with the ‘Play’ Arrow.

d. Once the full 10 minute break time has expired the second section (Paper 2) will begin automatically

PLEASE NOTE: You should NOT press ‘Finish Test’ at the end of the first section (Paper 1) or during the break. This will finish your entire exam and you will not be able to access the second section of the exam (Paper 2).

1. Once you have completed all questions in Paper 2 and are happy to finish you can press ‘Finish Test’ in the top right hand corner of the screen.

2. You will then be prompted twice to confirm that you do wish to finish the exam.

3. If you reach the maximum time permitted you will be informed that the allocated time for the exam is complete.

4. Your answers are automatically uploaded as you take the exam and you are NOT required to submit any answers once you have completed the exam.

5. Once the exam is complete, you are required to press ‘Finish Test’ one further time to log out of the Surpass Exam system.

It’s important you know what behaviour IS and IS NOT permitted during your examination. It is your responsibility to be aware of this and to ensure you adhere to the exam regulations. Failure to do so may result in your examination result being withheld.


  • Read all the Exams Guidance provided
  • Go to toilet before exam and during midpoint break only
  • Have photo ID (passport or driver’s license)
  • Remain in the centre of your webcam screen



  • Leave the view of the examination screen (unless it is during the scheduled break) 
  • Wear ear/headphones – even if they are for noise cancelling purposes 
  • Use pen and paper (unless this has been agreed by the College in advance) 
  • Use unauthorised material (text books etc.) 
  • Have other people in the room 
  • Read the questions aloud 
  • Use a second screen or device


Full guidance on what is and is not permitted can be found here (below the instructional video) – Guidance for the remote delivery of Dental Exams.

1. Technical Support (accessing the exam) – Please use the Chat function on the ProctorExam webpage

2. All other queries should be emailed to This email inbox will be monitored before and throughout the exam.