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Faculty of Dental Surgery

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The Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS) is a professional body committed to enabling oral health care professionals to provide patients with the highest possible standards of practice and care. The FDS offers you the support you need irrespective of whether you have a particular interest in one of the dental specialties; and if you do intend to specialise, the FDS can offer continued expert support in your chosen field.

Members share their reasons for joining the FDS​

History and vision

When you join RCS England as a member, you become part of the rich history of one of the oldest institutes of postgraduate learning.

Founded in 1800, RCS England has always served as a haven for the world’s most ambitious medical practitioners.

The new building is a modern, light and flexible facility to provide the best possible education, examination and research facilities for the profession while embracing our prestigious heritage. The College continues its important roles of training, supporting and examining surgeons, auditing clinical effectiveness, and advising the department of health and other bodies.

“The newly refurbished building gives us an opportunity to reboot surgery for the 21st century. It will be a symbol of this new beginning but will also be able to help make it happen with new systems, flexible working and great networking. It will give a feeling of the new standing on the shoulders of the old. A sense of innovation and heritage all mixed up. It will be wonderful.”

President Professor Neil Mortensen

Membership benefits​

Library and world renowned Hunterian Museum
The library includes literature searches and access to specimens.
Education and exams
Discounts on courses and further qualifications that demonstrate your professional commitment and are internationally recognised.
Leadership opportunities
Members of FDS benefit from a range of dental and surgical leadership opportunities Stand for the FDS board, apply for The Lady Estelle Wolfson Emerging Leaders Fellowship and more.
Members benefit from a number of award winning dental and surgical publications, including the Faculty Dental Journal (FDJ), Bulletin and Annals as well as monthly newsletters.
The new RCS England building in Lincoln's Inn Fields has extraordinary exam and education facilities as well as beautiful member spaces.
Access to thousands of e-journals and online resources including The Funky Professor, Acland's Anatomy and e-Den as well as interactive learning delivered by the FDS in partnership with the HEE