Restoration of teeth

Non-surgical root canal treatment and re-treatment on single and multirooted teeth with mild curvature of the canal, and appropriate referral.

Evaluation of patient risk factors for caries, and formulation/implementation of a suitable preventive strategy.

Evaluation of the restorative prognosis for individual teeth in the context of the overall treatment plan and patient’s aims and expectations.

Carious tooth structure removal in preparation for restoration, and techniques which minimise unnecessary tooth damage and pulpal injury.

Use of chemotherapeutic agents in order to assist in the prevention and management of dental caries.

Restoration of carious teeth to form, function and appearance using a wide range of restorative materials.

Dental trauma in the emergency situation, including the re-implantation of avulsed teeth, and subsequent management.

Teeth restoration to maintain predictability of the existing occlusion to form, function and appearance using indirect restorations, and refer as appropriate.

Materials and techniques in the application of appropriate indirect restorations, with appropriate consideration of occlusal articulators.

Primary teeth restoration including any necessary pulpal therapy, using appropriate restorative materials and full coverage techniques relevant to the deciduous dentition.

Modern restorative concepts around minimally invasive techniques.