Periodontal therapy & management

Periodontal tissues and differential diagnosis of a patient’s periodontal condition.

Periodontal findings and status integrated into a patient’s comprehensive treatment plan.

Behavioural change in patients required to achieve effective self-management of the periodontal condition.

Prognosis for periodontally involved teeth and inform the patient of this.

Use of local and systemic antimicrobial agents to aid the treatment of periodontal diseases.

Oral hygiene advice, scaling and mechanical root debridement.

Periodontal treatment evaluation and recall maintenance programme for patients.

Specialised advice requirements and referral.

Aetiology of periodontal disease, and communication of this to patients.

Role of dental care professionals (DCP) in periodontal therapy and ability to work collaboratively with DCPs in the management of the patient’s condition.

Conservative management of gingival recession.